Sirène et Matelot launches the song “Allo printemps”

6 months ago

The Acadian band from Prince Edward Island, Sirène et Matelot, is in the midst of producing a second album. To keep their fans waiting, they are releasing their first song on this first day of spring 2023, Monday March 20th, a song entitled Allo printemps (Hello Spring).

The song Allo printemps was written and composed by Lennie Gallant and Patricia Richard and recorded by Davy Gallant. The musicians playing on the song are Lennie Gallant (vocals, guitar), Patricia Richard (vocals, mandolin), Davy Gallant (percussion, mandolin), Gilles Tessier (electric guitar), Éric Maheu (bass), Gilbert Fradette (drums), and Hugo St-Laurent (piano).

“After 3 years of pandemic and a winter that doesn’t seem to want to end, we are ready for a spring like no other,” says Patricia Richard. Our song Allo printemps is a celebration of the arrival of the long-awaited season, which means a time of rebirth and joy. It’s a time to free ourselves from the restrictions and weight of a long winter, and to dive into the beauty that arrives with the disappearance of the ice and the first flowers of the season”, concludes Lennie Gallant.

The album, which will be entitled “Le grand retour” will be released in the fall of 2023 by Le Grenier musique. The group would like to thank Musicaction Canada and Music PEI for their financial support in the production of this album.

Sirène et Matelot
Lennie Gallant and Patricia Richard, two Acadian artists from Prince Edward Island, formed the duo Sirène et Matelot in 2019 and released a self-titled debut album. Lennie Gallant and Patricia Richard share a passion for music, and together they wanted to explore songwriting that reflects not only their roots and experiences, but also their concerns for the current global context. Having worked together on stage for several years in various projects, this duo allows them to create songs that represent them well. “Sirène et Matelot, our first writing collaboration, is about the desire to escape, to breathe and to make a connection with oneself, with nature or perhaps even with mythical beings that can inspire us to live fully,” they explain.

Patricia Richard is originally from Mont Carmel, Prince Edward Island. She is first known as a member of the groups Panou and ACADILAC and, from 2004 to 2010, she was part of the cast of the show Ode à l’Acadie, which was presented more than 1,000 times in Canada, the United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Africa, and which recorded two albums.

Lennie Gallant was born in the village of Rustico, Prince Edward Island and is recognized as one of Canada’s most important singer-songwriters. Lennie’s pen traces the great history of the people of Acadie: fishermen, miners, lovers lost and found. He has been inducted into the Order of Canada and his song Peter’s Dream was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Lennie frequently shares the stage with great artists. These include Roch Voisine, Jimmy Buffet, Lucinda Williams, Daniel Lanois, Chris Issak, symphony orchestras and many others. He has released 13 albums, including 2 in French.

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