How to contribute to Nouzie

Nouzie is a unique newspaper. With no staff to write posts, Nouzie relies on individuals and organizations for content.

To make it easy, we have several ways for you to show your support.

Any individual or representative of a non-profit organization may create a free account by clicking on the blue register button found in the top right corner of any page on Nouzie.

Once the account is created and verified (a valid email is required), you are free to log in.

When logged in, the blue register button turns into a dropdown menu. Choose the sixth item down in this menu listed as Public Posts.

This opens a form where you must give your post a title, space for the text of your post, and a place to upload an image and categorize your post.

Please note that posts must contain an image and be moderated for content before they become visible.


Suppose you have a business page on Facebook (this service is limited to business pages only) and are a non-profit organization. In that case, we will republish your posts on Facebook to Nouzie at no cost to you. Reposting on Nouzie will increase your audience as all posts on Nouzie are available to anyone visiting the site. No need to follow a page to see posts.

Using this method, posts are authored by the organization and have a link at the bottom of each post pointing to the original content on Facebook.

For-profit businesses may also use this method; however, there is a small fee ($110 total for six months) as it is considered part of our advertising options. All other features are the same, including links to the original content.

This option is available to anyone and is especially useful if you post regularly.

To use this method, simply create content that includes a title, image and the main content and email it to We will then create a draft of your post and email you a link for your approval before posting.

When using this method, posts can be published immediately after approval or scheduled for a specific date and time. Please note that content submissions from for-profit businesses using the email method are considered sponsored content, so there is a fee. For more information on this or any of our other advertising options, please visit our advertising page.