Terms of Service

Welcome to Nouzie.

Nouzie is an independent online newspaper, Fredericton-based and paywall-free. As Nouzie expands to other regions, content and advertising will be based on a specified region.

Nouzie is free and open for anyone to view. No account or registration is required. Nouzie also allows free posting of general interest articles from any registered individual. These terms govern your use of Nouzie. This platform is provided to you by Nouzie Media/Rabbit Town Community Technologies Inc.

We do not track your movements on the web (e.g., through ad tracking services) or on our website site in order to serve up ads. We tailor the ads you see based on the content of the page or story you view, not on your personal characteristics.

Our mission is to provide people with a local platform to build community and to provide an outlet to showcase local events, interests and more. Unlike other social media platforms, our content is categorized, making it more like a cross between an online newspaper and a social media site, thus making it an online community. Users of the platform fall into three categories: general visitors, members and businesses.

General Visitors

Nouzie is an open platform meaning that you do not need an account to view it. Anyone regardless of age or geographic location, may at any time view our site and comment on any article. All comments are moderated for content and, if appropriate, will be approved within 24 to 48 hours. General visitors may at any time become members and enjoy more capabilities.


Membership on Nouzie is free and open to anyone; however, due to the nature of our content, if posting an article, it should be relevant to our audience. Advantages to becoming a member include:

  • The ability to post articles. All member articles will initially be moderated. If the member posts regularly and has been deemed as posting appropriate material, they will be given the ability to post instantly. To be considered appropriate, all posts must include an image, and the post must be categorized. Also, by submitting a post, you agree that you are the creator of the post’s content or have permission from the copyright holders to use their content.
  • Members may post privately to other members. While these posts will be monitored for inappropriate material, they will not be seen by the general public; therefore, images are not mandatory.
  • Members may create and participate in groups. Again, any group activity is not available to the general public, and groups can be based on any subject as long as it is not deemed inappropriate.

Please refer back to this section as more member capabilities are made available.


Nouzie’s only source of revenue is from advertising and for-profit business posts. Non-profit businesses may create memberships (accounts must be in the organization’s name) and post as regular members. Our reposting on Nouzie from Facebook service is also available at no cost. Please see our advertising kit for more information (click here for more details). For-profit businesses have multiple options to participate on Nouzie.

  1. We offer online advertising with the ability for the ad to have a coupon or discount code.
  2. We offer sponsored content either as a single article or in a series of five posts.
  3. We offer a reposting on Nouzie from Facebook service. As most businesses are busy, this is an easy and cost-effective method to interact with our audience. Although not as convenient, businesses may also modify this service and post directly on Nouzie for the same cost if they wish. For more details on all of our advertising options, please visit our advertising page.

General Rules of Conduct on Nouzie.

We hold anyone who interacts with Nouzie accountable for their actions and opinions. Therefore:

  • When interacting on Nouzie as a general viewer submitting a comment or as a member, you must use your actual name and provide a valid email address. Failing to provide accurate information may cause comments to be marked as spam and posts to be removed.
  • Member profile information must also be valid with only one account created per person and used for personal purposes only.
  • Member passwords must be kept secure and not shared with others.
  • Any member who tries to post business-related content (i.e. direct promotion of a business) on a personal account will have the content removed. The member will be allowed to create a business account if they wish.

Nouzie is an open platform open to everyone except in the following case:

  • Your account has been blocked for violation of our terms.

Because Nouzie is open to anyone and has no age limit, all content must be considered rated G (General). It must also be either the contributor’s own original content or have permission from the original author.

What is considered inappropriate content?

  • Any content that breaks copyright laws. This includes images. Any content that is considered to be unlawful, discriminatory or fraudulent.
  • Any form of hate speech, violence or corruption.
  • Any content that contains foul language.
  • Trying to upload viruses or malicious code, including those embedded in images.

Nouzie has zero-tolerance for inappropriate content. Anyone who violates these rules will be immediately blocked from our platform and prevented from creating another account.

Updating our Terms

We are continually improving our service and adding new features to our platform, so there may be a need to update these terms as changes periodically . When/if a significant change to our terms is required, users will be notified beforehand. Once the terms are updated, you will be required to adhere to them.

Limits on liability

Any form of advertising on Nouzie is offered as a paid service, and at no time is it to be considered an endorsement nor held liable for any service, product or event.

Date of Last Revision: January 27, 2021