Have a fun night and support a great cause – what's not to like?

7 months ago

Silent auctions are a great way to score some cool stuff. You know that, but add to that the music of Fredericton’s legendary Downtown Blues Band and the mix is there for a great evening. Now add to that the fact you’ll be supporting the important work of Meals on Wheels and it’s an event you really should consider. So, mark your calendar – next Wednesday evening, May 3rd, at Dolans from 7 to 10pm.

You probably already know this, but just in case, a few words on Meals on Wheels. It’s a non-profit that every day provides hot, ready to eat, nutritionally balanced meals to seniors, people with disabilities, and people recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. In short people who can’t easily prepare their own meals. So there’s the food, but in many cases just as important is the human connection. For some clients, that Meals and Wheels delivery may be their only human connection that day. In some cases, it’s also an unofficial wellness check. As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s vital service on several levels.

On average, Meals on Wheels Fredericton delivers 300 meals a day. Over a year, that’s tens of thousands of meals. Actually, it’s in the neighbourhood of 100,000. Talk about making a difference.

An army of volunteers take care of deliveries, but as you might expect, it still costs a lot of money to run an operation this size. And for much of that, Meals on Wheels relies on donations and fundraising. This upcoming event at Dolan’s is their premier fund-raiser for the year.

So, consider attending. You’ll be joining like-minded people who care about giving back to their community, you’ll be able to bid on some really excellent stuff (all of which has been donated btw), and, there’s the Downtown Blues Band who will be doing their thing for your listening pleasure. All told, a great evening in support of a great cause.

On offer from the silent auction is everything from golf to Harvest passes, fine art from paintings and pottery to carvings, tools to jewellery and lots of gift certificates from all manner of local community-minded businesses.

In the interests of full disclosure, my wife Janet is on the Meals on Wheels Board, and both her and I do deliveries. And we’ll be there at Dolan’s next Wednesday night (I will PVR the Leafs game to watch later if need be) so do make a point of saying hi.  

One final point, and it’s actually a question. Which of those silent auction items do you most have your eye on?

OK – That’s it – Dolan’s next Wednesday. In the immortal words of Huey Lewis, “be there or be square”.

Cover photo credit: Telegraph Journal.

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