Softball Canada announces 2023 Umpire of the Year Awards

7 months ago
Softball Canada is pleased to announce that Mark Gough (Edmonton, Alta.) and Kearney O’Keefe (St. Johns, N.L.) have been named the Home Run Sports Umpires of the Year for 2023 in recognition of their unwavering commitment to the sport of softball and exceptional contributions to the umpiring community.
“Mark and Kearney epitomize the spirt of our umpiring program, consistently poised to contribute and enhance the overall sporting experience for everyone involved,” remarked National Director of Umpires, Frankie Billingsley. “We are fortunate to have these outstanding leaders within our program, individuals who willingly step forward, offering their time and expertise to assist their fellow umpires and contribute to the betterment of the sport.”
We congratulate Mark Gough and Kearney O’Keefe on this remarkable achievement and look forward to their continued contributions to the world of softball umpiring.
Congratulations, Mark!!