Fredericton Celebrates National Forest Week 2023: Embracing Biodiversity in the Forest Capital of Canada!

6 days ago
🌳As the Forest Capital of Canada for 2023, we excitingly acknowledge National Forest Week, September 17th -23rd!🌳 This year’s theme is “supporting biological diversity,” which is something that our beautifully green city does very well.
As the “Noble Daughter of the Forest,” the City of Fredericton proudly maintains over 80 species of trees- including over 20,000 trees in the right of way! Did you know that our Parks and Trees team plants over 500 new trees each year and treats approximately 600 existing trees against invasive pests such as Emerald Ash Borer and harmful fungi that causes Dutch Elm Disease?
We take great pride in our green spaces, and with an impressive 68% tree canopy, Frederictonians are never far away from an escape to nature!🌲 Stay tuned to our socials for more forest content coming soon, and you can always check out our website for more information on our urban forest!…/forest-capital-canada-2023
The Canadian Institute of Forestry / Institut forestier du Canada also has lots of exciting ways to participate in National Forest Week, so check out their website here:

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