EcoNews — AIM Fire Concerns, Clean Energy Vision, 54 Years of Environmental Action and New Team Members

3 weeks ago
econews-—-aim-fire-concerns,-clean-energy-vision,-54-years-of-environmental-action-and-new-team-membersEcoNews — AIM Fire Concerns, Clean Energy Vision, 54 Years of Environmental Action and New Team Members

We work hard to ensure a strong environmental voice is heard in New Brunswick’s print, radio and television media. Here are the latest stories Conservation Council staff have been called upon for expertise, analysis and commentary:

Oct. 31|Matt Abbott, the Conservation Council’s director of marine conservation, tells CTV News how the removal of the Milltown dam will improve fish habitat in the St. Croix River. Watch the interview here. 

Oct. 25|Matt was interviewed by the St. Croix Courier about the Milltown dam removal project. Matt explained how the dam’s decommissioning has improved fish populations in the St. Croix River. Read the full story here.

Oct. 23|Matt tells the Narwhal how the recent detection of escaped farmed salmon at a fishway on the Magaguadavic River highlights the weaknesses in government oversight of the aquaculture industry. Read the full story here

Oct. 19|Dr. Moe Qureshi, our climate solutions manager, raised concerns about New Brunswick’s plans to use small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) and biomass as alternative energy sources. Read the full story here.

Oct. 18|Dr. Qureshi speaks with CBC’s Information Morning about New Brunswick and Nova Scotia’s energy-sharing plans. Listen to the interview here

Oct. 17|In this interview with CBC New Brunswick News, Dr. Qureshi explains how New Brunswick’s plans to shift away from coal to small modular reactors and biomass are misguided. Watch the interview here.

Sept. 30|In his presentation to the province’s standing committee on climate change and environmental stewardship, Dr. Qureshi explained how the province should be adding more renewable energy infrastructure instead of small modular reactors and biomass. Read the full story in the Telegraph-Journal.

Sept. 26|After the North Shore Mi’kmaq Tribal Council penned an equity deal with Moltex and ARC to develop small modular nuclear reactors, Dr. Qureshi questioned the financial viability of the two projects. Read the full story here.

Sept. 25|Dr. Qureshi told the Canadian Press how New Brunswick should be considering proven energy technologies like solar and wind over small modular reactors following the agreement of the deal with the North Shore Mi’kmaq Tribal Council. Read the full story here.

Sept. 23|Following the fire at American Iron and Metal in Saint John, Matt told CTV News how the task force investigating the fire should review safety measures at the scrapyard and whether the measures were appropriately enforced. Read the full story here. 

Sept. 21|In an interview with allNewBrunswick, Dr. Qureshi comments on findings from energy consulting firm Energy + Environmental Economics that pegged capital costs for small modular reactors in New Brunswick at $2.16 billion per 300 megawatt reactor. NB Power Told Small Nukes Are Pricier Than Renewables (Paywall)

Sept. 21|Dr. Qureshi tells Global News how small modular reactors are the most expensive option for New Brunswick as it pushes to hit carbon neutrality by 2035. Read the full story here.

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