Award-Winning Atlantic Canadian Musician Terry Penney to Release Brand New Folk/Rock Single About Distant Love – Travelling On Those Tracks – June 17 2022

6 months ago

Celebrating over two decades in the Canadian music industry, East Coast born singer-songwriter Terry Penney is an award winning artist who has captivated audiences across Canada and abroad with his gripping storytelling and emotive performances. The 2009 Music NL Songwriter Of The Year award recipient has received numerous music industry honours and awards throughout his career, including multiple Music Industry Association of Newfoundland award nominations. Having toured extensively across the country, as well as parts of Ireland, England and the United States, Terry is well known for his engaging live performances which invite listeners to have an even deeper connection with his music. After a lengthy hiatus, Terry Penney is gearing up to release his ninth studio album this summer, “The People I Am”. The first single off of the project, “Travelling On Those Tracks”, is a deeply personal Folk/Rock song about longing for a distant lover, and is a tune that Terry wrote and recorded for his special someone to serve as a birthday gift. “Travelling On Those Tracks” is set for release on Friday, June 17 2022.

“Travelling On Those Tracks” features numerous well known East Coast musicians, including Penney himself, as well as award winning guitarist Nick Earle and drummer Andrew McCarthy. The song and upcoming album features Penney as a co-producer, alongside Citadel House label head Dean Stairs.

About “Travelling On Those Tracks”:

Born from late night conversations that often featured the mournful sound of a far off train whistle drifting through the open window, Terry Penneys’ “Travelling On Those Tracks” is a song about longing to close the distance between two people. After discovering a romantic connection with an old high school friend who had long since moved away, Terry found himself on the phone with her late at night due to the significant time difference between Newfoundland and British Columbia. Their dead of the night talks were often witness to the sound of wailing trains in the distance which sparked Terry’s inspiration to write a song using the train as a metaphor. A notable departure from his recognizable Folk sound, Terry infuses multiple Rock elements, along with an actual train whistle, to create his most recent track. Expertly crafted to feature musical peaks and valleys, the song starts out slow and builds as the track progresses, as if the music itself was a train gaining speed. Featuring Terry’s emotive and dynamic vocals, “Travelling On Those Tracks” is a relatable song, especially throughout the pandemic, which kept many of those in love, apart.

Citing “Travelling On Those Tracks” as the song that inspired him to create his brand new album, Terry considers his new project to be one that brings him back to the sounds of his earliest music. With elements of Acoustic Folk, Electric Rock, and everything in between, “The People I Am” runs the gamut of musical stylings and is sure to delight new and old fans alike. “The People I Am” is due out on July 15 2022.


“You never know what’s around the bend, things change on a dime and even if you think your world has come to pieces, it doesn’t mean that something amazing is not about to happen.” – Terry Penney


After a six year, self-imposed hiatus from the music industry, Newfoundland singer/songwriter, Terry Penney, prepares his return with “The People I Am,” an album that many insiders feel will serve as a high-water mark in his twenty-two year history of making records.

“There have been some difficult times as of late that have brought many changes, both personally and professionally.  I walked away from music in 2015 and never thought I’d make another record, but here we are again, back with another set of songs, some of them, the most personal and soul-baring pieces I’ve ever put to paper,” Penney says.

The album, which is a sonic departure from his last few offerings, is due out in July of 2022 and will see this stellar storyteller getting back to what he does best, painting vivid, cinematic pictures of the people and places he has encountered through the years with the ever empathetic approach that you’ve come to expect from this multi-award winning, well-travelled songsmith.

From his many trips throughout Canada, to Austin, Texas, Belfast, Ireland, and London, England, Penney has told his tales of haunted war-weary veterans, long gone jukebox heroes, seafaring sailors and pretty, time-frozen towns.

A gifted communicator and commanding, stage savvy performer, Penney, whose musical style has been likened to John Prine, Steve Earle and Guy Clarke, provides riveting preambles and interesting insights during his live shows that have consistently captivated audiences for decades.

“I didn’t realize how much I missed all of this until I went back into the studio and started creating again,” says Penney.  “It’s good to be back.”

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