The “conflicts” of October


seafood-chowder The “conflicts” of OctoberCan any month offer more conflicts of emotion than the month of October?

The position of the sun and the moon in the sky creates shimmering silvery water and the most beautiful intense sunrises and sunsets. Happening earlier each day they delight us but at the same time remind us of the onslaught of closer and closer dark winter nights.

The gardens are offering the last of the vegetables, especially juicy red flavorful tomatoes but the leaves on the plant are beginning to shrivel and turn brown. Frost advisories are beginning to happen and the debate to leave the plants outside or to bring them in is an increasingly frequent evening discussion.

And speaking of leaves, the yard becomes a mass of fallen crinkled yellow leaves as the countryside goes from shades of green to hillsides of red and gold. Patio furniture is coming in, and shovels and salt are being put close to the door. Fencing that once protected the annual plant beds is being taken down and frequently re-positioned against the cedar fence to try and keep the deer from eating it this winter.

Meal choices are moving from crispy salads to hearty soups and the once popular tables in the shade on the outdoor patio, are now filled with sweater clad hearty patrons and more and more people are choosing to sit in the warmth of the Fall sun, or as much as they hate to give in, they are even moving indoors.

If you are not raking leaves or putting your gardens to bed, and you still have budget, you still have time to do a few more things before winter sets in, you may want to seek out the last major events of 2017. This month is the time to think like the squirrels and to stock up on some final memories of this past summer – before the snow flies and the shovels come out;

flags The “conflicts” of October

Canadian Thanksgiving/US Columbus day long holiday weekend happen on October 9th! Time for a family get together!?

img_5698 The “conflicts” of October

If you don’t get enough to eat over the long holiday weekend, you have a second chance to eat drink and be merry at the Indulge Festival in Saint Andrews. This year it has been extended from it’s normal 3 day event to a 5 day event October 11-15th.

The Country Music Hall of Fame event happens in St Stephen on October 14th!

Huntsman has a “Catch of the Bay” fundraising dinner featuring Chef Chris Aerni and the culinary team from NBCC.

knit-east The “conflicts” of October

Knit East is one of the major knitting events of the year – takes place in Saint Andrews the weekend of October 20-22.

arts-council-choral-fest The “conflicts” of October

If music is your thing, on October 22nd, the St Andrews Arts Council presents “ChoralFest” (Poulene Gloria).

So there are lots of food and music events still happening in our area and if the season remains true to it’s style, we will have both glorious warm days to remind us of the past summer and a few wet and cold days just to remind us that winter is around the corner.

Happy October!




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