Privacy Policy

The privacy and protection of all the information we gather is governed by Canadian law, specifically the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This legislation contains specific provisions about the collection, storage and use of information collected and recognizes the right of individuals to have that information protected and disclosed to them. In addition, this protection extends to other countries that recognize this law’s provisions.

We treat your information with care. We will not share or otherwise provide any personal information to any third party except as required for maintaining our website and for processing online transactions.

In addition to personal information provided by visitors by filling out and submitting forms or using our site to send us an e-mail, our web servers collect standard information about visits to the site, including date and time, the IP address of the machine being used, and the pages requested. In some cases our server may send a cookie to your browser to identify your machine as having previously connected. In all these cases, the information, although not directly tied to personal information, is also protected.

Note also that we do not track your movements on the web (e.g., through ad tracking services) or on our website site in order to serve up ads. We tailor the ads you see based on the content of the page or story you view, not on your personal characteristics.

If you have any questions about this policy, or any comments about the information we collect or how we collect it, please contact us.