Plans Underway for Fredericton Trampoline Park


FREDERICTON– The owners of the soon-to-open Saint John trampoline park say work is already underway to open a second location in Fredericton.

Jonanthon Rasenberg, a commercial real estate agent and one of the owners of Saint John’s Oasis Trampoline Park, says the decision to open another location in Fredericton is a matter of capturing the market before someone else does.

“There’s only a few cities left in Canada that are big enough to support trampoline parks that don’t have one. We see it as a bit of a race to get those last few places,” says Rosenberg. “What happened in Moncton we don’t want to happen [in Fredericton], where there are two parks in one city that size. That would be a challenging situation.”

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He says the Fredericton location will be under the Oasis Trampoline Park brand. The Saint John park have trampoline dodgeball courts, slam dunk tracks, a Ninja Warrior Course, a Sweeper Agility Challange, Olympic performance trampolines, fitness classes and dodgeball leagues.

Rasenberg says they are currently looking at several locations in Fredericton.

“We need a very specific building. We need 20-foot ceilings and we need 20,000 sq feet [of space]. It’s better if it’s not out in an industrial park, but there’s not a lot of options,” said Rasenberg. “There’s only a few building in Fredericton that will work and we’re working with a couple different owners right now trying to nail down a plan and timeline that works for us.”

Rasenberg says the Fredericton park would be able to attract not just residents from the city, but those living further north in the province too. He says the park will open sometime in summer 2019.

“We want to be few months in with [the Saint John] one before we do this,” he said.


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