Patty Pendleton: Podiatrist, Painter, Plus


When a patient enters Dr. Patty Pendleton’s office on Main Street in St. George, New Brunswick, they are immediately struck by the paintings that occupy all the available wall space in her waiting area. Even more remarkable, they have all been painted by her.

PP-2-Grab Patty Pendleton: Podiatrist, Painter, Plus

Patty lives on Deer Island in the Bay of Fundy. Both the land and the Fundy water influence her creative expression in a variety of media: watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel. You can see more of her work at And if your pods need attention you can contact her office in St. George (see for more information).

In addition to podiatry she is certified in several areas of ancient and natural medicine. All in all Patty Pendleton is a prolific poly-professional. Whether she can treat chronic involuntary alliteration is a question yet to be answered.


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