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Let’s face it, this motherhood gig is hard. It runs the spectrum from amazing to disgusting to just plain frustrating. To share our stories of trials and tribulations allows us the opportunity to connect with other moms who have been through, or are currently experiencing, the same highs and lows. All while cheering us on and encouraging us through it all!

We want stories that will inspire, stories that will make you laugh, stories that will inform and educate, stories that are REAL!

So, if you’re a mom with something to say, share it with us!

Not sure what to expect? Check out these great examples of past stories written by our Contributors! 

Ok, before you get writing please read over these important guidelines!

  • By submitting your post below, you agree that your post is completely original and has not posted anywhere else on the Internet. Additionally, you agree not to publish the post anywhere else {your own blog or as a guest post on other websites} in the future.
  • Content should be free from the following – profanity, sexual language,  controversial social and/or political issues, and derogatory or inflammatory language.
  • Please submit at least one photo with your post, keeping copyright guidelines in mind when doing so. If you submit photos that do not belong to you must also include the written permission to use them or the stock photo source from which you received it.
  • Submissions will truly be based on the following: strong writing, use of grammar and underlying message. Stories must be inclusive and not polarizing.
  • And last, but certainly not least – after your post has been published, we would love for you to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc

{Note: We do NOT accept “guest post” marketing pitches from copywriters looking to exchange content for links, from writers affiliated with other sites or businesses, or from writers outside New Brunswick. For more information on advertising opportunities offered through our network, visit HERE or contact us at}

Ready To Share Your Story?

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