Meet the Market: Chocolate Covered Cake Balls


Let’s be real— Cake is no longer just for kids. I just celebrated my 28th birthday last week and you can bet money that there was a huge cake waiting to be devoured by 15+ adults. But with great age, come great health complications. We have to watch what we eat and if we are taking good care of our bodies. So one would assume that desserts are off the table. But what if I told you that Pam Burpee has just the perfect solution for dessert, without having to completely jeopardize your healthy eating?

Pam Burpee’s Chocolate Covered Cake Balls are my favorite weekly cheat dessert because it’s just the right amount of sweet, it’s made of cake (again, who doesn’t like cake), and it’s small enough where I can eat two and not force myself to run 3 kms to burn it off. Did I mention they’re little balls made of cake?

15873520_969591289840742_6788602444899982300_n Meet the Market: Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

(Photos taken from Chocolate Covered Cakeballs’ Facebook Page)

Pam began making cake balls 5 years ago and started her venture at the Woodstock Market. She soon gained regular customers and decided to dip her toes into the Fredericton market starting with The Cultural Market in February of 2017.

Pam’s popularity increased in Fredericton and soon she was invited to Ability NB’s 17th annual Feast in the Field where she passed out over 650 cake balls and was voted the crowd’s favorite dessert!

The rich, melt-in-your-mouth cake balls are made with “cake mixed with magic”, as Pam calls it, frozen to dip, and can even be whipped out minutes before serving.
Pam says,” I had a bride pick them up a month before her wedding because she wanted that off her to-do list… they went into her freezer, pulled out a few minutes before they were served and she said they were perfect!” One batch lasts her a month or so, which gives her time to experiment with different flavors.

13522904_849786245154581_921536696404793385_o Meet the Market: Chocolate Covered Cake Balls

(Photos taken from Chocolate Covered Cakeballs’ Facebook Page)

But as easy as it is to eat them, Pam works hard to prepare batches to sell at the two markets and makes between 12-14 cakes a week, or more if she has a large event like a wedding or Feast in the Field.

You can find chocolate covered cake balls at the Cultural Market every Saturday, and even share them with your loved ones far away because Pam also mails care packages to students!

Pam Burpee’s chocolate covered cake balls can be found on Fridays at the Woodstock market and Saturdays at the Fredericton Cultural Market (old YMCA) or she can be reached via email or phone 506-328-3706


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