May Potluck

May Potluck

How time flies! Here we are part way through May already, and our final meeting/potluck dinner is just a few days away. Last month we enjoyed hearing of Kay Bourque’s journey as a quilter ( we all could clearly see she IS now a quilter, having risen from the lowly rank of being a presser!) as we heard tales of her world travels and saw the lovely quilts she has collected or made along the way. Here’s a sampling of what Kay shared with us.

548w May Potluck

549w May Potluck

553w May Potluck

554w May Potluck

556w May Potluck

Tuesday the 15th is our closing meeting and potluck dinner. Remember to bring hot dishes hot and cold dishes chilled. If you can include a serving spoon or utensil, it is much appreciated. Please clearly label any dishes that contain nuts.  Don’t forget to bring your own plate cup and cutlery, it makes cleanup so much quicker and easier. Arrive in time to place your dish on the buffet table, and be seated and ready to eat shortly after 6:30.

We can’t wait to see your “Beyond the Blue Horizon” challenge piece. If you have not yet done so, please let the program committee know the size of your challenge piece so they can finalize their plans for displaying the challenges. As always, items for Show and Tell are welcome too. See you then!

Lastly, Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers and all who “mother” or nurture another  living thing – two legged or four legged…  🙂
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