It's a tuneful surprise when this music troop orders their Timbits


A late night Tim Horton’s run took a musical turn as the Uke Troop ditched the traditional double-double order for a more creative double strumming technique.

“We’ll have some Timbits, yes a 20 pack will do. Chocolate and vanilla, too. But we’ll take whatever,” sings the quartet  after being asked to place their order a Tim Hortons in south London, Ont.

“I don’t know why but I might start to cry if I don’t get my Tim’s,” the four sang.

The Uke-Troop orders Tim Hortons2:13

The four ‘Canadianized’ the song Kiss The Girl from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, switching lyrics like:

“Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do 
Possible she wants you too. There is one way to ask her.”


“One hot chocolate, medium if you please. 
And a croissant with cheese — it can’t get better.”

The musical crew had to restart after the employee taking their order asked them to stop so she could gather the rest of her co-workers to enjoy the drive-thru ukulele concert.

‘Don’t be embarrassed to do things’

Shae Lynn Wheatley, the driver in the video, said the Uke Troop started dreaming up ideas for a ukulele drive-thru order video while at work.

“We actually specifically chose Tim Hortons because it is Canada’s 150,” said Wheatley, before the hit the popular donut chain on Friday.

“Let’s be extra Canadian today,” said Wheatley of her final decision. 

tim-hortons-drive-thru It's a tuneful surprise when this music troop orders their Timbits

The Uke Troop picked a Tim Hortons on Wellington Road because they wanted to celebrate Canada’s 150 with the video. (Google)

Wheatley said part of the fun of posting the video was inspiring others to go out and try something new.

“Just have fun, don’t be embarrassed to do things,” Wheatley told CBC News. “If you’re going to go do things with your friends and it’s not going to hurt anybody — just have fun and do it.”

Origins of the Uke Troop

Wheatley said she first started playing the Ukelele when she visited Hawaii 10 years ago. Then one night at work she realized she wasn’t the only one who could strum the uke. 

‘We’re all very different but we all just clicked and we said ‘We’re going to try this,’ and it worked,” said Wheatley. 

“It started out with three of us and now there’s 10 or 11 of us that all come back and play ukelele at the end of the night.”

The Disney-inspired order worked out in the end. Wheatley said when they pulled up to the window the staff gave them “the biggest box of Timbits they could find.”

What’s next for the quartet? They’re working on a song to celebrate all-day breakfast at McDonalds, inspired by a song from the Shrek soundtrack. 

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