High/low: Festive dining room

We crafted this quietly festive farmhouse kitchen on two different budgets. Can you tell the difference?
holiday-dine-highlow-1 High/low: Festive dining room

HIGH: $6,119

holiday-dine-highlow-2 High/low: Festive dining room

1 Pendant light, Universal Lamp, $1,145; 2 Roman shades, Q. Design Perfect Drapery and Shades, $648; 3 Candlesticks, Hopson Grace, $525; 4 Carafe, Anthropologie, $25 US; 5 Bowl, Atelier St. George, $175; 6 Dining table, UrbanWoodcraft, $1,550; 7 Throw, Hudson’s Bay, $170; 8 Bowls, Hopson Grace, $130 each; 9 Napkins, Hopson Grace, $20 each; 10 Cutlery, Hopson Grace, from $16 each; 11 Glasses, Crate and Barrel, $16 each; 12 Chairs, Cocoon Furnishings, $455 each.

LOW: $1,967

holiday-dine-highlow-3 High/low: Festive dining room

1 Pendant light, EQ3, $150; 2 Roman shades, Lowe’s, $56; 3 Candlesticks, CB2, $225; 4 Carafe, IKEA $5; 5 Bowl, EQ3, $80; 6 Dining table, IKEA, $799; 7 Throw, Linen Chest, $65; 8 Bowls, HomeSense, $40; 9 Napkins, Crate and Barrel, $13 each; 10 Cutlery, CB2, $85; 11 Glasses, IKEA, $3 each; 12 Chair, EQ3, $199 each.

Create a room like this no matter your budget with a few simple design tips:

1 A simple tablescape can be made festive with rustic touches.
Set simply for a festive feast, our tablescapes are at their rustic best with just a few adornments in the shape of natural evergreen branches in a vase and pine cones glued onto holiday missives. Both the High and Low settings feature chunky whitewashed dishes, linen napkins and modern black-handled flatware for a look that’s as serene as a morning wander through snowy woods.

044-SAH-11-7 High/low: Festive dining room

2 Black candlesticks will offer a sophisticated edge.
Sculptural candlesticks with colour-matched tapers are hot right now, and we can’t think of a better dramatic foil for our naturally inspired festive table. Our dark versions weigh in on the sophisticated side of the scale, but the advantage of these stand-up figures is that they go with any style, from oh-so traditional to madcap pop art.

3 Wallpaper lends a glam touch to your china cabinet.
Take your china cabinet from staid to sumptuous by lining the back or shelves with a sheet of deliciously patterned paper. Here, we’ve used an old-world gold mottled version to add a sense of decadent antique Euro glam.

046-SAH-11-4 High/low: Festive dining room

4 A gilded table runner offers an opulent touch to an otherwise rustic setting.
We’ve fallen hard for this winter-wonderful paper table runner with its delicate gilded pattern by Hester & Cook. It’s the ideal blend of practical (paper) and pretty (evergreen etchings), as well as a genius no-fuss item for holiday get-togethers. With this as the season’s party-perfect accessory, we’re golden.

046-SAH-11-2 High/low: Festive dining room

5 For a budget-friendly alternative to a table runner, DIY with stamps.
Our Low DIY table runner matches the effect of the High version by Hester & Cook while having the added benefit of being personalized. We used kids’ white craft paper and a leaf stamp to match our natural holiday theme, but the possibilities are endless: a monogram for each guest, a handwritten menu surrounded by a border stamp, Happy Holidays in different languages….

046-SAH-11-1 High/low: Festive dining room

6 A fabulous harvest table can make the kitchen.
Everyone knows the kitchen table has always been where the real party’s at, and we’re predicting an influx of rabble-rousers now that trestle tables are back in style. Today’s stylish streamlined versions are taking the place of the old standby harvest table, just in time for this year’s holiday celebrations.

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