Meet the Market: Family Favourites Jams & Jellies


Sarah Ingersoll can be found most Saturdays at the Boyce Market with her highly sought-after homemade jams. Sarah, along with her sister and a friend, first set up at the flea market in the Fredericton Mall. The initial attraction was her sister’s antipasto sauce, but their jams & jellies also attracted lots of attention.

They were successful enough that they set up a stall at the Boyce Market about 17 years ago; Sarah started on her own about five years later.  Although she doesn’t sell the antipasto anymore, her Family Favourites jams & jellies attract aficionados and just keen jams & jellies lovers.

Many Meet the Market: Family Favourites Jams & Jellies

When asked why she got into this sideline and why she continues, the answer is to support her habit: travelling. Sarah’s favourite places are Italy (particularly Sorento), Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. And then, surprisingly, she adds New York City to her list of favourites. “Your heart beats a little faster there”, says Sarah.

Sarah moved several times with her family and then on her own after she graduated from high school: Grand Manan to Maine, to Fredericton, to Toronto, back to Fredericton, then to Toronto and finally back to Fredericton. Perhaps this is where her love of travel comes from; certainly it is a source of her engaging, gregarious nature.

Jelly-300 Meet the Market: Family Favourites Jams & Jellies

Her customers’ favourite are Red Pepper, Hot Red Pepper and the seasonal favourites Chomp and Berry Christmas. Of the latter, people who try it say it tastes just like Christmas. Try some yourself to see how something could taste like Christmas. And there’s still the pepper treats and lots of others to savour. 


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