Dreaded Daylight Savings | The Sleep Boss

Dreaded Daylight Savings | The Sleep Boss

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That terrifying time of year is upon us…daylight savings…the bad end of it! We lose an hour of precious sleep this Sunday. It is bad enough to lose an hour of sleep but being a parent and having to deal with kids losing an hour of sleep. Yikes! Yeah yeah I know it is a sign of better weather, long summer days, no boots and snow gear to wrestle on little humans. All of which are welcomed…after we adjust to this time change business. The Monday after daylight savings there is an 8% increase in motor vehicle accidents! As far as sleep debt goes, daylight savings is not helpful for children or adults. So what can we do?

I have a couple of tips.


Don’t change the clocks before you go to bed or when you first get up in the morning. Have a coffee, eat breakfast and then change the clocks. I promise it will hurt less this way

Clocks are changed, now what? 


We are talking a whole hour difference so what I suggest is to move nap times and bedtime by 30 minutes. Meaning, if your little one naps at 10am (BEFORE time change) then new nap time is 10:30am. This will feel like 9:30am and will likely take them a bit longer to fall asleep but not too far of a stretch to really cause any issues. Ignoring the time change and putting your child down an hour later to keep nap time the same is a bit too much of a difference right away. We want to avoid the state of overtired whenever possible.

By day 4 and night 4, use the correct time. Naptime goes back to 10am. Everything should even out within a week or two.

What about in the fall?

SAME TIPS APPLY-. Don’t change the clocks right away. Split the difference by 30 minutes. If naptime was 10am (BEFORE time change) then new nap time is 9:30am. If 7am was wake time and now it is 6am (which no parent wants), wait 10 minutes before getting your child up for the day. Next morning wait until 6:20am, the next 6:30am. By the end of the week your sweet little one should be back on schedule. It takes everyone time to adjust to sleep schedule changes so be patient and know that you will all be back on track within a week or two. Cheers to nicer weather and good sleep!

If you need some help in the sleep department send me a message. Sleep is the best, let’s get you some!

Amanda Stairs (Your Sleep Boss)

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I am a daughter, sister, niece, aunt, registered nurse, wife, mother and now certified pediatric Sleep SenseTM consultant. In that order. These roles have something in common, somewhere they have me helping others. I love it! Life is too short to not help when and where we can. Life may not feel anything but long when you can’t get adequate, restful AND independent sleep. I want to help families discover that being a parent doesn’t have to mean exhaustion…at least it doesn’t have to mean sleep deprivation. Children can learn anything, good or bad. That goes for sleep habits too. Let me help your family develop a healthy relationship with sleep.

This program works! My husband and I have a deep love for Sleep SenseTM as we have two little boys that aren’t quite a year and a half apart. The oldest being two and a half AND they room share. You may think ‘sounds like a nightmare’ but with two boys that were taught how to sleep, life is pretty fantastic! Sleep is the best, let’s get you some.


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