Billy Graham: Old Truck Radio Talks


There were times in the 70s when driving out to, or back from, some meeting with rural wood producers in my ‘organizer’ days that I found myself really listening to Billy Graham’s ‘old-truck-radio-talks’.

radio_600px Billy Graham: Old Truck Radio Talks

Was it because his message had a counter-cultural aspect, or was it that I was trying to understand something of the evangelical Christian world view that marked many of the older men (I was at best in my mid-twenties at the time) I was meeting with, or was it because of some deep need or emptiness I was experiencing in the late fall as the freezing cold was coming to stay amidst the leafless trees and abandoned fields where I was living at the time?

Whatever it was, Billy Graham’s recent death and the reflections and commentary this has occasioned included the linked, short, well-written essay that appeared in the Guardian, which many of us frequent. This short essay reflects a certain Celtic sentiment I have shared in, and in so many ways still do …


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