As a Woman


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As a Woman

We’ve faced it all. Sexism in the workplace, harsh judgement for the clothes we wear, unfair pay, body shaming, slut shaming, and men who use the phrases “as a father” and “as a husband” to criticize sexual harassment. Apparently literally hundreds of women being sexually harassed everyday isn’t your problem until you’re the father of a daughter.

Seriously, it’s 2018 and colonizing Mars seems more likely than old dudes keeping their hands off our uteruses. You know who, more than anyone else, is going to help women advance? Women.
Here are some inspirational, empowering messages from influential women around New Brunswick and the world.

Krista-Ross-Fred.-Chamber-of-Comm. As a Woman

“My advice for women entering the workforce today would be to speak up with confidence and take your place at the table. If you hold back….someone else will step up- be the one who is not scared to express opinions and ideas- but be sure to listen as well! Surround yourself with excellence- choose those with a positive attitude and strong work ethic- then emulate them and also set an example for them with your own engaged behaviour!
Make sure that you support the strong women in your team, and don’t be afraid to ask their advice and counsel- their mentorship and guidance could set you on a different trajectory. And, when the time comes….remember that you were supported and be a mentor and guide to others – encourage their journey! Certainly, we’ve all heard this sage advice, but it bears repeating; there is no better way to describe the best path than ‘lift as you climb’.
– Krista Ross, CEO
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
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Lynn-Thier As a Woman
“Your unconscious mind is always listening to your thoughts and words… chose them wisely and focus solely on what you want for yourself and your future! You are worthy, deserving, beautiful, smart, loved and enough!”
Lynn Thier, Mental Fitness Trainer
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“Follow your dreams and never accept NO as an answer”
– Tammy Gill, CEO

“A girl’s education not just empowers families, but communities and economies. A result of her education- we all do better. It’s just as simple as that.”
– Priyanka Chopra
Power of Women

Sally-Ng As a Woman

“Building a company is hard! One of the most valuable skills I’ve learned over the years has been focused on how you build meaningful connections and network. On that topic, here are 3 tips that have worked really well for me over the years.

Tip #1: Build Your “Personal Board of Directors”–When times are good and bad, you always need that cheering squad or shoulder to cry on. In the past, I feared reaching out to potential mentors. Over the years, I learned that asking for help never hurts. Everyone needs some guidance at some point, especially when times are rough. Be respectful and just ask!

Tip #2: Don’t drain the “Emotional Bank Account”–Make sure you to don’t take for granted the people who help you. Always give back, thank and show appreciation to the people who help you out.

Tip #3: Say Yes and Keep Learning–If you are given any opportunity where it’s novel, you’ll learn something new and if it’s not going to hurt anyone or be illegal, just say YES to the experience.
-Sally Ng, CEO & Founder
The Triple Effect & DigiLearn

“I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story—I will.”
– Amy Schumer
2014 Gloria Awards and Gala

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