Friday, April 20, 2018
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Who are we?

NouZie is an online community media platform that serves geographic communities and communities of interest by encouraging the exchange of stories.

For the Community by the Community

Why advertise with us?

Ads are from local companies matched to chosen content so NO AD TRACKING.
NouZie is locally owned and operated so your advertising dollars stay with their community.

What we offer?

Currently we provide four ad sizes:

  • Banner that can be placed in the header or footer
  • Tower placed in sidebar
  • Half box placed in sidebar
  • Full box placed in sidebar

In addition to size you may choose to place your ad on the homepage or in one of our six main categories.

For details on ad sizes and actual examples click here.

How much does it cost?

Home Page


Size Price
Banner Head 120.00
Banner Foot 80.00
Tower 160.00
Full Box 80.00
Half Box 40.00



Size Price
Banner Head 96.00
Banner Foot 64.00
Tower 128.00
Full Box 64.00
Half Box 32.00

NOTE: All prices are for two-week placements. Ads will be in limited rotation in each slot.
There are 6 major categories to choose from: Active Living, Arts, Entertainment, Focus, Lifestyle and Science Plus. Ads at the category level are also shown at the subcategory and article level.

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Approximately 9000 unique viewers per month and growing
Roughly 70% of our readers are from New Brunswick with 50.6% from the Fredericton area.
Almost evenly spit between males and females with age ranging between 18 and 65+. The highest percentage being 25-34 yr olds.

Ready to book an ad or want more info?

Send us a quick email or use the provided form.

We accept all major credit cards, Interac E-Transfer or Invoice (certain conditions apply).