Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Why advertise with us?

  • Advertising with NouZie offers an unique opportunity to present your message to your local community. You can even target areas of interest (categories) to better match your message with your intended audience.
  • Ready to place an ad? Just give us a shout.

How do I place an ad?

Contact us at or use our contact form and we’ll help you through what is really a simple process.

All ads are images that are links to your website if you have one, or to your Facebook page if you have one of those. We can always provide a custom web page on NouZie for you to link to.

If you’re interested in the technical details, the images for ads are typically in jpeg (jpg) format, but we also accept PNG and GIF formats. There are four sizes of images:

  • Banner images are 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high
  • Tower images are 300 pixels wide x 600 pixels high
  • Full box images are 300 pixels wide x 250 pixels high
  • Half box images are 300 pixels wide x 80 pixels high

Banner Advertise With Us
The items you will want to consider for your ad are:

Location on the page

  • You can choose to display a banner ad at the top or the bottom of the page content.
  • All other sizes are displayed in the right margin, that is, to the right of the content area.

Pages on which to display your ad

  • You can choose to place your ad on the Front page or on Category pages (for now they will appear on every page in the chosen category).
  • Categories are listed at the top of all pages beginning with Focus.
  • You should know that your ads will share the chosen space with other ads, but in a limited rotation.

How much does it cost?

Use our contact form to ask us about our introductory rates. You’ll be impressed.

How do I pay for an ad?

  • You can pay using a credit card.
  • We can invoice you and then you can pay by cheque or eTransfer (Interac with your online banking).

visa-mastercard-211x65 Advertise With Us
W2B-interac_v2 Advertise With Us

What about public service announcements?

We do not provide free PSA space in the paid advertising areas. However, PSAs can be listed free in the Events area and they can also be presented, free, as a story, perhaps referencing similar previous events (with pictures, of course).

Can I cancel or change an ad?

Usually, yes. Just let us know.

HalfBox Advertise With Us
FullBox Advertise With Us
Tower Advertise With Us