Monday, May 21, 2018
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What Is NouZie

  • NouZie is our name for the community media platform it is the place where communities tell their stories.
  • NouZie is free to view, free for posting stories and is funded by advertising,with an emphasis on local advertisers who find local media very expensive and of doubtful effectiveness.
  • Based on our experience, we expect NouZie to become the dominant global player in the community media space.
  • In a sentence: NouZie is an integrated, global, web-based community media platform providing user-generated stories, opportunities for local advertisers, supported by community champions and voluntary advisory boards, and accessible worldwide by specified location, interest and time.

Why NouZie

    The idea behind NouZie arose as a solution to a number of problems in media channels. These problems include:

  • Decline (and fall) of print journalism, especially local information;
  • Tentative and mostly unsuccessful attempts at monetizing online journalism;
  • Fracturing of broadcast channels and disruption caused by convergence and subscription based streaming services;
  • No integration among the millions of sites/blogs on the web;
  • No satisfactory and affordable place for local advertisers to reach their audiences (print and broadcast are very expensive with uncertain effectiveness);
  • No common place for community stories;
  • Behavior tracking in support of online advertisers is spooky and becoming an issue of increasing concern.

The NouZie Solution

  • Largely replaces print with online community-based stories;
  • Joins local advertisers to their communities’ interests;
  • Extends communities’ presence and attractiveness to global audiences;
  • Transparently matches advertising to visitors’ stated or inferred preferences;
  • NouZie is managed in local communities;
  • Opportunities for local revenue sharing (champions, authors and the larger community)

We’re Unique

  • We don’t require registration to use NouZie.
  • We refuse to participate in tracking and data matching that provides most media sites with information on visitors’ activity across the web coupled with personal information from other sources. We match ads to registered users’ stated preferences and/or to posts based on the category or sub-category of the post
  • We are present, via champions, in all the communities we serve.
  • We are committed to return a percentage of ad revenue (currently set at 15%) to the community through rewards to those who post stories, and through donations to charitable organizations. Of course, the commissions champions receive also go into the local community because they are resident there.


Our head office is in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Communities currently targeted for future expansion include: Fredericton (Central, Western region), Saint John (Western Fundy region) and Moncton (Eastern region) in New Brunswick; the province of Prince Edward Island; Halifax/Dartmouth (HRM), Cape Breton Island and the rest of Nova Scotia; Newfoundland and Labrador; Maine.

NouZie will also be made available in French to serve the Maritimes’ Acadian population and to develop the expertise to expand into Quebec (perhaps initially Rivière-du-Loup and the Gaspésie), and then moving up the St. Lawrence to Quebec and Montreal (especially the West Island), the Eastern Townships, and Gatineau area.

Our end goal is to be in every community around the world.

Key Personnel

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