A Tweet For These Days Of Ours: On “The Churchmen”


I’ve argued recently that for our times (and for this winter in particular) it is the things of beauty and art that may best provide the common ground between religious and non-religious types rather than issues of truth and goodness, or of doctrine or morality.

Simply put – it just seems to be the way things are at the moment.

On that note, I’d urge people to take a look at the Netflix TV series “The Churchmen” an international award-winning account of five young men who have taken up with a Franciscan Capuchin seminary in modern day France.

It requires a tolerance by the unilingual Anglophones for sub-titles but believe me it is worth the effort. And it requires some tolerance for the male gender preoccupations of it all. However, it is a needed window on the inner workings of the church in its Roman Catholic manifestations with all its causes for sorrow and joy, tragedy and comedy, all portrayed with a rare artistic clarity, order, and integrity.

In other words it is thoroughly “realistic” in St. Thomas Aquinas’ sense, and God only knows how badly needed this is today. It is also thoroughly cathartic in the good old Aristotelian meaning of the term.

It of course is not for everyone but it is for those with an open mind, both believers and non-believers … those who are seekers after truth and goodness but now seem only able to approach such matters through things of beauty, for this is a beautifully done TV series worthy of its many awards.

Hats off to French cinematic art …

For more on the film see this link. (There are I’m sure many other respectable links to this series.)


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