12 reasons to visit the Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews


Make-it-8-1(pp_w921_h370) 12 reasons to visit the Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews

Just before the hustle of Christmas, we decided we needed a little mini vacation – a change of pace and scenery. Our budget was relatively small, and we ( I mean, I )  didn’t want to be tempted by box stores or waste time getting lost in a big city. I knew the perfect getaway spot – St. Andrews!  I love everything about this sweet little town but mainly the relaxed pace. And of course, what better place to stay than the focal point of the town, the beautiful Algonquin Resort!

12 Reasons to make the Algonquin, St. Andrews your next family getaway:

  1. The cost to stay at the “Magical Castle” (coined by my 6 year old ) is essentially the same cost as any other hotel.
  2. With no distractions, it allows you to be present and re connect with one another.
  3. From Fredericton, it’s a painless 1.5 hours drive.
  4. There are no box stores or theme parks to put you over budget.
  5. The hotel pool and waterslide are amazing! Full disclosure: The waterslide is unexpectedly intense; however, my 6 year old’s life was made.
  6. Kids and pets are more than welcome.
  7. Family time is encouraged by comfortable seating and board games (for all ages) in the main lobby area.
  8. The atmosphere and over all vibe is really amazing. My kids actually believed they were in a Castle.
  9. The March Break Activities are a big hit in our house!  A year later and they are still talking about the Family Dance Party!
  10. Yummy in-hotel restaurant |  Braxton’s Restaurant & Bar.
  11. If it’s not too cold, there’s an unbelievable playground just a minute drive from the hotel! Any kid’s dream!
  12. The Huntsman Marine Aquarium is definitely worth the extra cost.  It’s open with themed programming over March Break as well as the arena for skating, and stores downtown.

Untitled-design-30(pp_w921_h370) 12 reasons to visit the Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews

Tips to staying on budget!

  1. Before you go, purchase $100 Algonquin gift cards at Costco for $79.99.
  2. Eat lunch at Tim Hortons ( just a minute from hotel ) and splurge for a nice dinner. We ate a quick lunch downtown while waiting for our room and prices were quite high. For our family of 4 to eat an average lunch, cost us almost $100.00.
  3. Breakfast buffet is free for kids 5 and under!
  4. Bring snacks for the kids and a mini cooler. Unless of course you go for a Studio Room with a kitchenette.


Wondering when to go? Check out their amazing MARCH BREAK MADNESS DEAL!

Screen-Shot-2018-02-04-at-9.18.20-AM 12 reasons to visit the Algonquin Resort, St. Andrews

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