Monday, September 25, 2017
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Active Living

october-1-218x150 Home

Upcoming events in October 2017!

September is almost over and October will soon be upon us! Check out these upcoming...
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NouZie Draws NBEX Winner

From among the names of people signing up for our free newsletter a winner was...
apple_preview_photo-218x150 Home

Apple U-Picks in the Fredericton Area

It’s apple season in Fredericton! Looking to make a homemade apple pie? Or maybe you’re...


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Die Nanny Song Quiz

Do you remember every word to the theme song from the 90's TV show, "The...
blog-wordle-11-218x150 Home

Do you Blog?

Do you have a blog? Do you live in Fredericton (other geographic areas may be...
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האם תדעו אם הכוכב חי או מת – בלי לרמות?

כוכבים רבים הלכו לעולמם בשנים האחרונות, אבל האם אתם מעודכנים? Read Now:...


26-tale-of-a-town-218x150 Home

The Tale of a Town – Canada celebrates diversity by bringing our country’s stories to the stage

On Thursday, October 5 at 7:30 p.m., FIXT POINT returns to the Playhouse with The...
Feature-Word-Feast-218x150 Home

Full & Plenty: Word Feast Fredericton 2017

Welcome to the inaugural Word Feast: Fredericton’s Literary Festival! After a harvest, it’s time for...
Matt-Stage-218x150 Home

Matt + Muddy Magnolias: Mighty!

Matt Anderson, an international blues star from Centreville, New Brunswick hit the stage with the...


Marion-8200-219-with-truck-218x150 Home

Coal in NB – The Growth, Decline and Benefits

The New Brunswick coal industry experienced steady but slow growth after the 1630s, but entered...
Screenshot-45-800x563-218x150 Home

Violence in Northwest Myanmar Sparks an Information War Online with Anti-Rohingya Hate Speech and Fake Photos

An example of a pro-Rohingya hate speech post disparaging Buddhists in Myanmar, who are accused...
28d4dd9f-eb7e-474d-a9bd-ba31c23ac11e_560_420-218x150 Home

What Intelligence Agency Do You Belong To?

FBI, CIA, NSA, MI6, GRU, the Mossad, and the list goes on and on. Wanna know...


UNB_Student_Union_Building-218x150 Home

Campus Life in Fredericton

Are you a student of either UNB, STU, NBCC-Fredericton or NBCCD? Or just want to...
parisian-pretty-1-218x150 Home

A chic Parisian-inspired bathroom

A luxurious soaker tub, glass and marble accents, vintage-look flooring and a clean-lined vanity create...
refined-regency-1-218x150 Home

A refined black and white bathroom

Bold black walls, sculptural brass accents, bordered floor and varied tile treatments make this bathroom...

Local News

nb-power-1-218x150 Home

Power back on for 15K in Restigouche

Approximately 15,000 customers were without power in Restigouche, N.B. on Sunday morning. Power came back on...
car-218x150 Home

Beautiful pieces of junk: Artist gives scraps and discards new life as 'cars'

A Fredericton artist turns old junk into model cars that put Power Wheels to shame.With the help...
canada-goose-218x150 Home

Canada geese treated for 'angel wing' at Atlantic Wildlife Institute

A number of geese are being treated at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute in Sackville, N.B.,...

Odd News

nickelback-fans-driving-to-saskatoon-218x150 Home

Trying not to love Nickelback: These superfans don't believe you hate their favourite band

Based on the tirades of online hate, it's safe to say many Canadians would cringe...
tony-difruscio-218x150 Home

Pickleball, anyone? Hamilton firm builds a retirement 'theme park' for active boomers

Tony DiFruscio is a confessed Disney-holic."I'm a huge Disney fan," says the president of Zest...
animal-masks-218x150 Home

Beastly baby badger learns the ropes from costumed caregivers

An orphaned baby badger is learning how to survive in the wild with the help...


69ae6632-73cc-4e03-9881-b9d05a400738_560_420-218x150 Home

Do You Know Where Your Favorite Celebs Were Born? Only True Fans Can Get A 13/15 On This Quiz

Skilled actors and actresses can pull off impeccable fake accents. Can you figure out where...
154d167c-8252-41d9-989f-47a70df232e9_560_420-218x150 Home

Welcher Herr der Ringe Charakter bist du?

The 'Lord of the Rings' is a tale of epic proportions. Frodo and his unlikely...
dc3929e9-3df1-4e8f-8c49-24c3c093a2af_560_420-218x150 Home

Can You Decode What These People From The 1950's Are Saying?

Think you're a cool cat made in the shade? Take this quiz and see if...

Refuge Canada

un-assembly-canada-218x150 Home

Why confessing Canada's failures could be part of Trudeau's plan for UN success: Chris Hall

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has now given two speeches to mark the opening of the...
refugee-protest-218x150 Home

'Free Amine': Shediac residents march for Tunisian refugee confined to church

Dozens of residents of Shediac, N.B., marched Thursday to support a Tunisian man who has sought...
lt-ret-ron-cram-218x150 Home

Veterans continue long battle for benefits in delay-plagued system

As many as 11 military veterans, whose appeals for benefits were heard before a federal...

Science Plus

Heidegger-Nazis-218x150 Home

Heidegger’s Black Notebooks: A Troubled Episode In Modernity’s Thinking

Martin Heidegger, the German philosopher, was one of the most influential thinkers of our times....
Scan_20170812-12-copy-218x150 Home

Coal in New Brunswick – Part 4

During what could be called New Brunswick's Early Modern coal mining period (about 1755 to...
image10152001-218x150 Home

Coal in New Brunswick – Part 3

There is little doubt that Charles de Saint-Étienne de LaTour learned about Grand Lake coal...

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