Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Active Living

the-churchmen-watching-recommendation-videoSixteenByNineJumbo1600-218x150 Home

A Tweet For These Days Of Ours: On “The Churchmen”

I’ve argued recently that for our times (and for this winter in particular) it is...
FTN-NOV-11-17-218x150 Home

Fredericton 2017

Sunny, windy and cold but lots of young families, dogs, and especially veterans turned out...
PlatingFor-Change-Feature-218x150 Home

Playing for Change

If you like music (and who doesn’t?) and you like it when people do good...


nNeary_40-218x150 Home

Are You an Aurifil Lover?

For those of you who are Aurifil lovers, here's a great offer:Dear Fredericton Quilters' Guild:Sew...
IMG_8197-1024x683-218x150 Home

Reflections in studios

I recently lost my camera in Halifax. I posted an ad on Kijiji but thought...
MG_2519-1-1024x682-218x150 Home

Slow Craft: Creating Cloth

Even in this world of fast-moving cars and computers and careers, there are pockets of...


13-basia-218x150 Home

Rising folk-pop musician Basia Bulat combines classic songwriting with a radiant, contemporary sound

Coming to the Playhouse on Saturday, February 3 at 7:30 p.m. during Fredericton Frostival, Basia...
12-girls-nite-out-218x150 Home

Girls Nite Out will have audiences laughing in the aisle with hysterical stand-up and improv

On Friday, February 2 at 7:30 p.m. during Fredericton Frostival, the Playhouse Spotlight Series presents...
11-tdt-218x150 Home

Toronto Dance Theatre returns with five masterworks from Artistic Director Christopher House

Contemporary dance company Toronto Dance Theatre returns to the Playhouse on Thursday, January 25 at...


Sears-Dump-1-218x150 Home

Another One Bites the Dust

Or, as they used to say, "sic transit gloria mundi", Latin for "thus passes the...
SuperStore-Cropped-218x150 Home

From Loblaw to Food Banks Via You!

You have no doubt heard of the bread price-fixing scheme that Loblaw Companies Ltd. (that...


highlow-den-1-218x150 Home

High/low: Cozy winter den

Ideal for winter hibernation, this cozy den was constructed on both a chipmunk and a...
like-boss-1-218x150 Home

Get the look: Bright & cheerful office

How a designer created a room for herself that won't go out of style and...
simple-home-1-218x150 Home

A trendy home that embraces curated simplicity

Excerpted from the beautiful book Simple Home, we present New Year’s inspiration for fostering a...

Local News

east-coast-crafted-218x150 Home

What's on tap? Craft beer book authors share top N.B. picks

Christopher Reynolds jokes that if he had written a book about East Coast craft breweries...
nb-power-trucks-218x150 Home

Equipment failure leaves thousands in Moncton area without power

Thousands of people in Moncton and surrounding areas woke up without electricity Saturday morning and it could...
michael-calder-218x150 Home

A tale of a shed, a spat and a social media snafu

Michael Calder lays a board across the shed to guide his chainsaw as he cuts...

Odd News

li-tide-detergent-620-02698791-218x150 Home

Brooklyn pizzeria cooks up 'pied pod' calzones — Tide pods you can actually eat

Thursday January 18, 2018 more stories from this episode Brooklyn pizza maker Sean Berthiaume says the idea for "pied pods" came...
scarborough-town-centre-eels-218x150 Home

2 eels found slithering around Scarborough Town Centre washroom floor

A bag of live eels isn't something you see expect to find in a public...
hi-caribou-nunavut-cp6459487-218x150 Home

Nunavut community posts bounty on 2 dogs on 'murderous caribou serial killing spree'

Wanted: Two wild dogs on caribou killing spree. Bounty: $250 a head. Last spotted: Outside Coral Harbour,...


9de5e497-1447-4325-9e01-91508ed40d7b_560_420-218x150 Home

Какво те очаква в задгробния живот?

Will you be an angel? A Demon? Will you be a lost spirit or have...
e61d9747-4775-41ca-aba9-43fca572fa1a_560_420-218x150 Home

How Many Times Have You Been Reincarnated?

Have you had past lives? How many lifetimes have you lived and how do they...
05b80c6d-8535-4d8f-836d-bdda2f99815f_560_420-1-218x150 Home

No One Will Score At Least 10/15 In This Crazy Mixed Knowledge Quiz

If you get 15/15, you're a genius!! When we post a quiz we usually post...

Refuge Canada

furniture-bank-saint-john-218x150 Home

Furniture bank looking sparse as more newcomers head to Saint John

The YMCA of Greater Saint John is expecting more than a dozen newcomers to arrive...
us-migrants-on-edge-218x150 Home

Salvadoran asylum seekers could test Canada's immigration system

The federal government's contingency plans for a new surge of asylum seekers at the border...
snow-storm-218x150 Home

Here's how Fredericton's 1st Syrian newcomer to marry celebrated during the storm

The wedding celebration of Fredericton's first Syrian newcomer to marry took place during the "weather...

Science Plus

n-218x78 Home

Emergence client, Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc, acquired by Croda International Plc.

Emergence client, Nautilus Biosciences Canada Inc (Nautilus), a technology-rich marine biotechnology company based in Charlottetown,...
emergencelogo-218x59 Home

Two Emergence clients selected for Fierce Founders Bootcamp

Twenty-five women entrepreneurs entered the 2018 Communitech Fierce Founders bootcamp this week. The bootcamp helps early-stage founders...
noblegen-e1515594273147-218x126 Home

Emergence client, Noblegen Inc. co-founders “Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018” says leading food industry publication

The two co-founders of Emergence client, Peterborough, Ontario-based Noblegen Inc., Adam Noble and Dr. Andressa Lacerda, have...

Words of Wisdom